Putting People In Foreground Of Ext Renderings


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Hello Pros,   I do not often have to do professional  architectural exterior renderings but I am designing the new colors of an historical building and I would love to put people in the foreground of my renderings like commercial architectural renderings have sometimes.

I have the CAD block of people but they seem to be line drawings or silhouettes. Where would I get the files so I can do this? I tried the library but again, they only seemed like line drawings and silhouettes. 


If anyone can help, it would be most appreciated. 


Attached is my Chief file and a Jpeg of the rendering to show the angle of the building I want to render with people.









K St. V2 Chief file EXTERIOR COLORS Feb 2016.plan


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I saved out your plan in X8. Hopefully you are on the latest version. It has a person in the foreground on a layer called People. It is a plant that uses an image of a person. Check out the image in the file. You will find her easily in the plan view. I grabbed that image from free stock photos on the internet. You can do this same thing with any image you like as long as you save it out with the transparency correctly.

People in the foreground.zip


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Thanks Alan,   I am using X7, and was unaware that X8 is out.  I did not pay for SSA this year, by mistake so I can't get current libraries (that are SSA only).

Did you get this girl from stock photos or in the library?

What format or file type stock photos should I look for?  Just Jpegs?  And then If I import them in the floorplan, do they show up in the 3d"s like the lady you put in does?


Thanks for your help.



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