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I'm trying to place a small gable roof on the side of the garage wall. But when I build the roof, that section is all skewed, as per the attached pics. I'm thinking it has something to do with the break wall tool I used on the second floor roof. The skewed result appears to be somehow influenced by that break wall. My plan is attached. Any help would be appreciated.



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After I deleted your garage wall and replaced it, I got the gable line tool to work OK. 


Did you know you have one roof plane that is 8:12?


Also, you may want to change the wall type for that small gable wall at the end of your porch roof near the entry door.

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Once again you came to the rescue, Curt. Deleting and rebuilding the garage wall did the trick. That roof plane you referred to was one plane on the gable wall. Had to do some adjustments, but managed to get it ok. Not sure what you're referring to on that small gable wall, to change the type. Anyway, it looks like I want right now, so I'm afraid to fiddle around any more. Thanks again. :)  :)

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