Looking For Someone To Fine Tune My House Design...


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here's what i have so far...


floor plan & rough layout of the house in X7 file

DWG survey of my land

and a ton of ideas


need someone to put together a ~6000sf house 

  1. ideas together on file
  2. slap on a roof because for the life of me, roof boggles my mind
  3. add interior details as per my pdf comment/request sheets
  4. place pool & patio in rear of house
  5. "digitize" the survey for my land
  6. place structure on the land

sorry for the lack of professional terms.


i've gone as far as i could with my youtube educated CA skills.

this is where i need the pro to come in and put everything together in a nice package.


please reply with your fee schedule & contact info.


I'm located in Bergen County NJ





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It seems you have some offers for help.  If they don't work out I change $50.00 an hour and like to set a full price up front and not to work by hour.  I ffel thta works beter for both of us.  I have been using Chief for 24 years and would be happy to help if you need.  Just let me know and we can work things out.


James Fenton

Owner/Designer JAF Concepts

Phone: 505-315-9644

e-mail jfenton@nets.com

Web: www.JAFConcepts.com

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