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Hi everyone,


Just want to know if anyone has a tried and tested way to fix Ceilings with gaps at joints... whenever I do a moderately complex roof I have this issue where the ceiling's interior finish is lost where it should join with the next ceiling plane, it doesn't seem to quite join properly and shows the under-board material, sometimes I can pretty much get rid of this by trial and error, however it can take longer than it does to actually build the roof this way and was wondering if maybe I'm just missing something, and there is a quick fix/method?


In this example, the roof pitch is all set correct, and from the exterior view it looks ok (not 100%, but ok), but internally the view in the Living Room looks quite bad with the gaps quite visible...


Any help would be really appreciated...



I forgot to add, the roof planes seem to line up quite well in plan view too, which is why I don't understand why they don't in the interior view?






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