Setting The "active" Layer For Linework, Text, Etc.


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Currently, you can't change the Current CAD Layer from the Active Layer Display Options.


You can change the Current CAD Layer using the CAD menu or you could even set up a custom hotkey for it.


I think it would be just as easy and much more powerful to start using the Active Defaults dialog though.  Here you can also change any of the other currently active defaults that affect your annotations.  And if you really want to work more efficiently, I would recommend that you start setting up and using your own Annotation Sets so that you can more quickly change these settings as you are working.

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If I understand correctly,  you should probably become more familiar with Annotation Sets.  Set them up so that your text and linework are the type you want them to be and on whatever layer you want them to be.  OR, you can also use "Active Defaults" (little wrench with a red checkmark).  You can change the active layers in there as well. 

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Old habits die hard.


As a long time AutoCAD user, the freedom to simply click on the layer that is to be active is appealing to me.  Having to set up a Set seems to be forcing me to do something that I don't have flexibility to do something on the fly.  I just have to reconfigure my mind set when using the software.

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Bob ( Preston ),


Woo Hoo that's the ticket!  That works Great! 


Because I am still slowly moving back and forth and eventually to Chief, Especially when doing Line work for details and sections, having specific things on specific layers is essential. 


Once I get more set up with things this probably won't be an issue.


But this works great, thanks.

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Check Default Settings > Annotation Sets.  There you can specify:


  Current CAD Layer

  Dimension Defaults

  Rich Text Defaults

  Text Defaults

  Callout Defaults

  Marker Defaults

  Arrow Defaults

  Layer Set


All of which can be customized.  When you select a specific Annoset everything is automatically changed to those settings.  Once set up, it virtually eliminates having to worry about the appearance and layer that all the above are on. 


IOW, if you have a "Plumbing" Annoset with a corresponding "Plumbing" Layer Set then all you need to do to work on a Plumbing plan is select that Annoset.  BINGO!


Chief already has some OOB Anosets but you may need to modify them to suit your own needs.  IAE, this is a huge time saver once you have it all set up in your Default Template(s)

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