Looking For Drafting Help In Upstate Ny / Albany Area


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Looking for an experienced Chief user in the upstate NY Albany Area to assist with my drawing work load.

**Prefer someone Local to the area**

Im a solo operation with ALOT of residential work on the table.

Primarily Custom Homes, Addition, and remodels.


Looking for candidate to work as a subcontractor on a per job basis. (I will issue a 1099 at year end)


Need someone well versed in residential construction as well as NYS residential codes.

Sample of one of my plans attached so you can get a feel for what Im looking for.


Contact Eric @ 518-788-1062 if interested.

Or E-mail : Esmalls@nycap.rr.com



#12 Yogi Ct - 1-03-16.pdf



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I saw your add about hiring a couple of years ago...wish i saw it then.  


I'm a home owner and i'm designing our next home.   Which will be our forever home -retirement- in SC. We currently living in Gilboa (about 1 hr   SW of Albany). 


I'm using chief Architect Home Designer but the program has limitations.  the main issue I'm having is with the roofs.  The problem is due to a 45 degree V shape and a couple of bump outs.  


 I'm looking for someone that can assist me with the roof design.  the limitations in the home designer make it impossible to move ridge lines, have different pitches, etc.  But I'm confident that if uploaded into the professional version it can be done.   Do you provide these services?




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