Final Render With Shadows


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Preferences > Render > "Legacy" shadows..


Not sure why they decided to call it Legacy when the atmosphere can cause hard or fuzzy shadows.. The fuzzy doesn't look good anyway but the legacy seriously slows down navigation.

wait a minute...... this is interesting....  so what do you suggest?


don't use legacy shadows?  

don't use legacy shadows because it slows down computer?

if you don't use legacy shadows you get the spikes...



...  so.....  I want a fast comupter (don't use legacy shadows) I won't use legacy shadows,  but if I don't use legacy shadows I get spikes.....  not good.


So how do I not use legacy shadows and avoid the spikes


Thanks for the help Rashid,  this could be some good info.

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Thanks Scott.. I am rarely able to help.. Tis the season I guess..  Tried checking Legacy AND Soft... no difference..


So what they did is degrade and call the better shadows "Legacy". Must be the file size as he has lots of furnishings. Of course Chief is shadowing everything rather than just walls. He should setup a Layerset that turns all non-essentials off when doing exterior work.


Ultimately there should not be spikes in the non-Legacy soft.

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Legacy Shadows uses the slower method of drawing shadows that the software use to use. In X5 or X6 we developed a new faster shadows feature that allowed users to keep shadows on all the time with very little hit to performance.


The trade off is that the shadows are not as accurate.


You can try checking the Hardware Edge Smoothing option to see what you are using.

In Rashid's post he had it set to 8xMSAA.

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