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Quick question-


In Joey Martin’s American Craftsman Home plans posted on the chief site, he has a Foundation plan separate from his Basement floor plan (Attached). 

In the Foundation plan the foundation walls the solid lines with a fill, and all other interior walls shown using reference display. 

In the Basement floor plan the foundation walls are dashed with no fill, separating the interior walls from the foundation nicely.


I get how to dash the wall lines with different layer sets (Foundation set & Floorplan set), however, I cant figure out how to get no fill without changing it the wall DBX.  Which then causes the fill to disappear in the “foundation” layer set also. 


Is it done with reference display?


What am I missing?







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Joe, that is where it looks like it's going, Foundation (Floor 0) and Basement Plan (Floor 1) being the same height in elevation, just labeled separate in chiefs eyes... which lets reference layers work.  I'll give it a shot on a sample plan!


Chuck- tried that and it works for the foundation wall no fill, however deletes my interior wall pochet/fill too


Thanks for the input!

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Yeah, I hear ya!


Tried setting the Floor 0 and Floor 1 at the same elevation and can't figure it out.  Even if it did work I feel like it would cause problems later.


Maybe its a little bit of Photoshop after the fact?


Joey help!? haha

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It's all the same floor. I NEVER put basements on level basements are my foundations. That's the only way I work. I use layers and the main layer only function to get what I am after. Here is another example where I simply turn off the interior walls of the basement, except for the walls I have assigned to a layer for WALLS, BEARING so that they can show on both the floor plan and the foundation plan. I use layer sets for everything.



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I see, I see. That's what I tried the first time, main layer only function to remove fill in foundation wall.  However, my interior walls have a light grey pochet that was disappearing too... guess I have to suck it up and change to a white fill, unless you have another way to work it.


I now see in the plan you posted to Chief that the interior walls were not filled to begin with, so the main layer only wouldn't effect them.


Thanks as always! 



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