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Funny (odd, not funny ha ha) that after all these years of

Microsoft selling us their operating system and including

the games for free, now they want to give us the operating

system for free and charge us for the games. Well I'll be

dad gummed if I'm going to log on as a guest on my own

computer just to play some watered down game version

fraught with advertising. Fortunately in this day and age 

there seems to be a hack for everything and this little

program will restore your classic Windows 7 games on

your Windows 8 or 10 rig.


Just scroll down and follow the 3 steps outlined.


I downloaded and unzipped the files on a flash drive and

ran the setup program from there without any problems.


An interesting side note: Apparently Windows 10 doesn't

completely remove the games when it upgrades a Windows 7

system because when I opened the newly accessed games

in Windows 10 my results history for the games was still

there intact. :)




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