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  • Similar Content

    • By Aamir77
      Facing problem in putting the recessed lights on a slab made under the ceiling though tried to adjust the offset from the ceiling but failed. Help!
    • By olivia222
      I am a new user, and am working on my first multi level dwelling. I know how to create a ground floor foundation, but want to create mid floor slabs for the levels above. I have tried a few things but nothing will appear in cross section as a solid obvious object. It will be a timber structure, but I dont want to indicate that at this stage, just a solid floor.

    • By WhistlerBuilder
      Hi everyone,
      I am stuck on a tricky terrain issue. I am designing a multi family building site that has some relatively simple grading required for the parking lot and pedestrian access which chief cannot seem to accurately process. Perhaps I am missing a trick? I have uploaded the relevant portion of my plan so you can take a look.
      Basically I have a pedestrian access "sidewalk" coming on the property at a higher elevation, and a driveway leading to a parking lot at a lower elevation. The driveway and parking lot all have carefully calculated grades leading to the elevation I have set as top of parking slab (2159.00 ft). After days of messing with the retaining walls and terrain breaks I finally got the parking lot to work. Now the problem is that chief cannot seem to handle terrain topographic lines intersecting the top of a retaining wall / terrain break without creating absolutely batshit crazy peaks and valleys everywhere. Since the site requires that I have a sidewalk pedestrian access at the top of one of these retaining walls with a maximum slope of 2%, these crazy variations are screwing up my plan. I cannot seem to get rid of them except with flat terrain areas, which of course screw up the pedestrian access elevations. I can't just cheat and do stairs because this building needs to be handicap accessible. Chief cannot do terrain area's with a slope... something they should absolutely add!!!!!

      How do I fix this problem?
      I would really appreciate some help here as I have spent the last few days really struggling with the terrain features of chief and I am at my wits end trying to figure out this issue.
    • By mbdesigns
      How do I fix this situation where the slab is showing through my foundation wall?

    • By wnschoen
      I am always trying to simplify/template things as much as possible - does anyone know why: " If Monolithic Slab Foundation is checked, the current Floor Structure will be replaced by a single 4” (100 mm) layer of concrete with footings that can be seen in camera views only. "  -  why does not the Program generate the slab as a layer on the Plan View on the Foundation Level?  Am I missing something obvious?  I like how the 'Slab Footing' wall has a camfer option, I just don't understand why if the Monolithic Slab Foundation is generated automatically it can't show up as a regular Layer?