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Thank you for the question.  The Surface Pro 4 can meet our minimum system requirements for running Chief Architect.  The Surface Pro 4 currently comes with 3 processor options M3, i5 and i7.  The faster the processor will provide better performance. We don't recommend the M3 processor with this unit.

Also, you can elect to get more system RAM.  4GB of RAM will meet our minimum requirement, but you may want to consider more, particularly if you are getting a unit with integrated graphics rather than the Nvidia GPU.  We do recommend the Nvidia GPU configuration for better performance.


You will find more information on our System Requirements here.   I hope this helps.


Kind regards,



Chief Architect Software

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I have X7 running on a Surface Pro 4. Seems to work fine. My configuration is the i5 processor, 8 GB ram, and the upgraded video card. Screen is beautiful but pen/touch support in CA X7 is weak. Maybe X8 will do better. To be fair, I just started playing with X7 on the Surface so, my current thoughts may just be a result of lack of knowledge of how X7 is designed to work on a table.

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I have X7 running, and just began experimenting with X8 on my Surface 3 LTE, and everything seems to work fine. Maybe just a little slower than my main laptop or desktop.  Note, I don't have the pro version Surface, I have its little brother with the 10 inch screen, Atom processor and 4gb of ram.  I use it with the type cover and a small Bluetooth mouse.  I've experimented using the pen, and it seems to work, just I am more accustomed to using a mouse.  I would think any Pro version surface, 3 or 4 would work just fine since they can be configured with a more powerful processor and more ram.  I'll use mine to get existing measurements entered right on site, and then for customer presentations.  Get as high of specs as you can afford, since todays top end somehow ends up being next weeks minimum requirements.  Also consider its intended role, a supplemental device as I am using, or as your primary device to do the bulk of your work.

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