Backlit Panels


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It depends on the object.


For mirrors you can add a light source behind the mirror and offset the mirror so that it's a little off of the wall.


For other objects you can do something similar and use translucent (semi-transparent) materials with light source(s) behind or you can make the material "emissive"


Another option is to make the object a "Light Fixture" with one or more light sources. 


There are many ways to do this.  It really depends on the desired effect.

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Rishele, I did this once for a customer, I made a pLine solid and placed it on the wall, made it 1" thick, put the mirror frame over it and dropped a few puck lights behind, made them 1" thick and put them around Pline solid, the frame will cover them.  Here is something I made quick just to show you, I placed the lights along the top and one side on the right and that is the effect. They should add a strip light to the library unless there is one already someplace, but I couldn't find it.


I hope it helps.



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