Floor overlaping surface?


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It's because the material for "Fir Framing" type is set to lumber.


Click your rainbow tool.

Click on the Fir Framing material painted bone.

In the General Tab under "Specifications" change the material type to "Area".


Then try using the eye dropper to color it.


See attached.


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I downloaded your file and made a You Tube video of my checking it over. I am-was at a loss as to what, exactly your complaint is but just looked the plan file over looking for "out-points" (things that are there that shouldn't be or things that are missing). I hope this is of some use to you.





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Hi David Potter i watched your youtube vedio. You might be a little confused with my model. This is my home model which is already constructed before my birth. I made lower ceiling on two room as it is actually in my home. If you see the asian countryside houses you will find this stuff mostly. However i am pleased with you for giving me a bit time and pay special thanks to you for this.

I have another problem which i discussed on the following URL

Please read this content and help me how to solve this i will be thankful to you.



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