Ah-righty - one more try here.  I'm uploading some videos to Youtube that I think will be more helpful.  What I did was start with a Chief template as shipped and modify it to provide what I believe is missing and fix what's confusing - but without wholesale changing the Text layer, Dimensions, Manual layer etc.  iow, I tried to correct and build, not do scorched earth.  The first video examines Chief oob and one of mine.  But the "how" video stays close to oob.    I'll add the link when I have it.  I'm doing this post first, so I can get this link to post there - 'cause this is where I'm uploading the accompanying files.     And here are the Youtube links.  Let me know if these are better, if I missed anything I hit in the first group...?   OK - they are up, with sound:   The tour:  https://youtu.be/D32bipNM4Nk   The How: https://youtu.be/raY14hun7j4 Wendy Anno Lesson YouTube.zip