I need Either a Chief Architect Model Builder or Just someone to Do my Layouts


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I am an Interior Designer in North Carolina and I am a wee bit overworked.  I could use someone to either take my models and build a beautiful layout or actually build the model for me.  I seem to be doing one major remodel and 1 new build per month in addition to the usual Interior Design jobs.  I prefer someon local, but I'm also fine with someone who can work from home.  

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I am a long time user of Chief Architect since version 3.0. A good deal of my practice is done over the internet working with other designers, architects, and design/builders in a collaborative nature. I am in Atlanta, Ga, so depending on where you are, I may not be far away.  I'd be more than glad to discuss your needs. If you are interested please contact me. All my information is below.



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Hi There,


I've been using Chief products for almost 9 years now.   I'm a freelancer working from home and provide affordable services to design specialists,  home builders, and home owners throughout North America.  I'm currently looking to take on some extra projects.


You can have a look at my portfolio on my website at:



I would be happy to answer any questions you have.




Dru Daigle

Designer | HG3D


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