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There are a couple of methods that one can use on Roof Planes:


1. you select the roof plan you want to alter-move and then select the "Transform-Replicate Dialog tool" where you can precisely move-copy or rotate the selected object

2. Using the Roof Plane dialog you can manipulate the values in the various input boxes to move or change a roof plane's height etc.


Next time  you try to attach a plan file or image be sure and finish the job by clicking on "Attach this File" command



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You would probably be welled served to watch a few tutorials, and/or read through the reference manual and help files.  There are almost too many options and settings to give you a quick answer.  And to further complicate matters its impossible to know what exactly you're looking to accomplish...Your wall may need adjusting, your roof planes may not be sized right, your roof slope may not be right, the roof planes may be at the wrong height, or as I suspect is the case...a little of all of the above. 


You can start with David's suggestions and go from there though.  Its just too hard to give an answer when so many things could be in play.   

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