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I teach at a high school.  The program was loaded on all the computers the same way.  The problem I am having is a couple of the computers (2 out of 23) are not working correctly.  When creating a exterior wall they usually show as 2 black lines with a light blue inbetween.  The 2 that are not working correctly just show 2 black lines. Also both of these computers are only showing black and white in the 3d views no matter what is placed in the room (desks, countertops, cabinets, etc).  Is there a way to fix this?  Thank you,

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it might be as simple as someone clicked on the Color toggle Button (see pic) on those two computers ,


but I would still call the 1-800# as suggested.


Color off can be Black and White or Greyscale depending on your setting in Preferences.






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