Can't change temporary Dimension colors in X7


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Temporary dimensions in X7 display in dark gray by default and are hard to read. Been using CA for 10 years or so and for the life of me can't figure out how to change the color of temporary dimensions in X7.

A solution would be appreciated

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Never knew that. Apparently it's 'selection line color'.


Thx Michael ,good tip , I thought I was stuck with grey too , I guess it's there somewhere in the 1400 page manual but who would think " selection line" was the right setting for that ? Strange it isn't in with the other Dim. Settings.

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Similar issue, thought this might answer my question, but no - When placing temporary dimensions in CA 7, the dimension is positively illegible until the point is accepted and positioned.
It looks as it the dimension font (green here @ bottom) is super heavy line weight, even if the dimension defailt is line weight "1".
Can someone assist?


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      Hey all,
      I hope someone has had this happen to them...I started a new plan this morning and when I try to move my walls by typing in a new dimension on either the manual or temporary dimension string, it will only move the wall in feet increments...the only "help" article I could find, only referred to the "default is in inches" for moving objects this way.  For Example, I try to move a wall 36 inches and it moves it 36 feet.  I cannot find the default to change this.
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      I click one side of the box and the temporary dimension pops up. From the selected line to the left is 12" and the arrow shows. To the right the temp. dim is only 1 5/8" and because it's so close, the extension arrow automatically doesn't show. So X6 automatically turns the arrow on and off depending on whether or not it covers the dimension. Is this a setting somewhere in X7? I took the pictures of the exact same plan, on the exact same line and in X7 and you can see it didn't disable the arrow on the 1 5/8" temporary dimension.

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