Knee Braces


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Just a tip for those concerned with the direction of the wood grain on these knee braces – make them out of framing members instead of slabs/3D solids. They look much better in renderings!



I make them out of a general framing member in plan view. You can miter the ends by drawing a CAD line across the framing member and using the trim function. Then convert it to a symbol and rotate it to stand up, just like @SNestor showed in his video.



Here are 4 sizes I saved in my library for those who don't feel like making their own!

Knee Braces.calibz

(Made for X14)

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If the general framing member trick doesn't work for you, this is what I have done. Make 4 textures - 1) oriented horizontal, 2) oriented vertical, 3) oriented at 45 deg, 4) oriented at -45 deg. Apply appropriately to each part of the brace. A little bit of effort but it works.

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22 hours ago, SNestor said:

@LevisL - brackets made from general framing members are great as long as you don't need a custom shape, such as a curve or notch. 


You are absolutely right. I was simply offering an alternative that works well for simple straight knee braces that is quicker and easier that messing with multiple copies of the same wood material at different angles!

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