Need Help With Floor And A Half Duplex


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I am building a floorplan for a duplex in Chief x2. So far I have created the first floor and a second floor but I get stuck when dealing with ceiling heights and roof planes.  Please see the pdf of photos of the duplex I am recreating. I also am sending screenshots of what I have done so far.

Let me know what other questions you might have. Thanks!!! Mary 

PS. We are not doing the small roof over the first floor in the rear. It will be shear wall.

5 x 7 in.pdf



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Mary , you should repost this over in the Q&A Forum (link below)and provide pics of the issues you have too perhaps and the .Plan File , this Forum is for people Seeking Help and willing to pay for it, which I assume you don't need ? though I am unsure how many would still have X2.





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