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Our company is debating on sending me to the user group meeting in Coeur d'Alene.


I'd like to get some feedback from the users who have gone to it.  What should I expect?  Was it a benefit?  Would you go again?  Did you learn a lot?  etc...


I'd like to think that I'm an advanced user, so just wondering what all is gone through in the advanced training, or any of the training for that matter?


I noticed that they gave a little insight to the UGM portion of it (file management, rendering, etc...), and to me I think that would be a benefit to learn what others do, and how Chief works.  Even the file management, since we have many users and multiple servers that our files are stored on.


Anyways, just rambling here...but I definitely want everyone's thoughts.

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i skipped the last UGM,  I went to the previous two.  I enjoyed meeting the folks at headquarters and I got a better sense of their operation.  The first time I went it was definitely worth it because I was able to talk  with the Muckity Mucks about a feature that I thought was very important...  and you know what.....  they gave it to me,  that trip was very worth it.  


I consider myself a power user,  so the 2 day workshops they offered,  were not as beneficial to me as I was hoping.  I believe this year they are putting together an Advanced-Advanced workshop that might be more to my liking.


But here is the real kicker that might get your Muckity Mucks to send you to the UGM.  I think there will be more hard core power users at this UGM than ever before.  Having the opportunity to talk to some of these guys along with CA's Muckity Mucks will make the trip well worth it.  I remember always thinking that if I got just one new nugget out of the seminar,  it was worth it.  I bet you  will pick up a lot of nuggets this year.


Finally,  if you need a small vacation,  Coeur D elaine is a beautiful city to visit and there are some real nice folks you will meet.

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Thanks, Scott!


I was hoping you'd chime in.

Oh,  I forgot to mention,  I think The Great Glenn Woodward is going.  If you need any tips on surfing in the Indian Ocean,  he is the guy to talk to.

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Not something I would usually participate in but am going this year as a member of the User Feedback Panel and am really looking forward to it.


It will be nice to meet all the Chief users and the people who actually give us this great program. Plus it's been a long time since I've been in the Rockies and can't wait to visit Coeur d'Alene.


If your company is thinking about sending you perhaps you could bring a specific question that your company thinks will help it and get some specific feedback on that issue, or maybe learn some techniques that will help your company. I know if I was sending an employee I would need a specific reason for sending them other than giving them a great vacation.


Either way I hope to see you there Jonathan.

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I would say do it quickly...if you are looking for the "advanced" portion.  I just looked and it says there is only 1 spot left.  When I got mine a week ago it said 4 spots left.  Everything else says "limited seating"...either way...looks like it is filling up quickly.

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Larry (and Perry),


That's a good point.  I'm sure we'll bring some questions along.  It would be neat to meet some of you guys there...even if most of you are double my age  ;)




I didn't even look at that!...thanks for bringing it up.


I guess we should make a decision soon!

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  • 1 month later...

I have to admit I am having some serious concerns

about gathering so many of the elite Chief users

together at one time. What will happen to the Chief

knowledge base if there is some type of natural

disaster or terrorist attack? What if Mt. Shasta blows

and buries Idaho in 10 feet of volcanic ash? What if

an asteroid hits Coeur d'Alene and turns it into a

crater the size of a small state? What if a crazed

Vectorworks user takes over the meeting and holds

everybody hostage? What if this new forum has been

a front all along set up by a disgruntled AutoCAD user

to lure Chief's best and brightest into a trap? We can't

be too careful. I think just to be safe Glenn Woodward

should be kept in a safe room in a subterranean bunker 

far from Idaho until the meeting is over.


Remember, just because you are paranoid doesn't

mean that they aren't out to get you.  B)


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Share on other sites's official, I just booked it...


Hopefully I'm not too late and the spot was already taken!  :wacko:


So funny,   at one time you signed on as Jonathank,  and I always read it as Jona Thank........


Michael Crump signed on as MCRUMP,  and I always read that as McCrump.......  from now until eternity he will be Mr. McCrump to me.

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