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1. Is it best to start a floor plan on the 2nd floor when planning a basement so I can put basement /stem walls on floor 1, footings on floor 0? 


2. I see I can have my wall defaults set to create a footing. Is it best to turn that off and use the foundation tools on a designated foundation floor? I'm a little confused why I have both options? Once I noticed I had two foundations superimposed. 


3. How do I add two floors below a plan on floor 1 if I wanted a floor 0 and floor 1 for the foundations, in the case I started the plan on floor 1 by mistake? Create upper floors cut and paste the plans? 


4. Is the best practive is to auto-generate a foundation then manually modify it like a roof? 

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Many users in CA put their basements walls etc. on Floor 1 and footings and foundation stem walls on Floor 0 ... because of all the stuff their building departments require on the plans. 


I use Floor 0 for my basements foundation walls, frostwalls and footings.  I work in an area without seismic or high wind code requirements.


It is really up to you to figure out which way works best for you.

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What do you do when having interior walls framing, furred walls--okay to put on "0" but then when trying to tell someone where to thicken slab and dimension same without all the walls --in short a foundation plan without all the framing--how do you get there?  Guess I am saying how to you separate to avoid confusion for the foundation people, i have managed but does not look graceful.  thanks  

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Opinion will differ on this. But my method is to separate the 2 view with layer/anno sets. I have a different layer/anno set for FOUNDATION PLAN so that everything can be turned off...except for the interior bearing wall, which I hatch fill and keep on the layers for WALLS, FOUNDATION so that they show on each plan.


This plan is an example of that. Same plan file...just different anno/layer set.



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