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I am a new CA user designing my own house. I have a lot of experience with AutoCAD, and used to be proficient in Solidworks.  I have the design pretty far along, but am having some issues with getting things to work properly, especially getting the roof planes and a few other details correct.  Need someone that will work with me online(you fix my mistakes, I watch).  I can then add details, probably break something again, then repeat the process.  Working by the hour is fine with me, not looking for a project quote.

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Love to help.









" Bob's plan sets are amazing.

  Having quantity take-offs, right on the plan sheets, has helped lower our construction costs significantly and made it quick and easy to get bids from subs & suppliers."


 " Bring your plans to life; win more jobs, delight clients with a video tour of the new home or addition   before it's built ... ! "


Check out my HELP YOU BUILD services ...

In addition to services I also train current staff to elevate them to the next level.


Bob Shofner

   910-398-8673  -  Office

   973-897-5013  -  Cell

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