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Hello All,


I am wanting to place a covered patio on a 2 story home. When I create the patio room I am unable to get the roof to generate, and the second story exterior walls are strangely extending out to meet the porch columns. I would like to create a very low pitch, gabled roof that remains under the second story windows. 


What am I doing wrong? File attached. Screenshots below.


Any thoughts are appreciated.








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I just manually created the roof planes. I prefer automatic when possible, but I suppose done is better than perfect. And I set the side walls of the porch to invisible, which eliminated the back posts as well as the strange wall sections above. 


Thought I'd update this thread for anyone else who may benefit in the future, even though it's just me in here.





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On 5/22/2024 at 5:08 PM, SHCanada2 said:

did you figure out the second storey walls coming out issue?


Yes. Setting the porch side walls to invisible took care of the upper wall issue as well.

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