Copy Entire Building into New Plan with Different orientation on the Lot?


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I created an annex (right-hand building) to add on a plot of land of an abandoned warehouse conversion in London.  

  • It's an odd shaped warehouse so I wanted to honor the architecture, hence the annex is an odd shape (warehouse flipped on its side).

I have since determined that I need to rotate the annex to be perpendicular (90 degrees) to the warehouse.  


I'm hoping there's a way to copy the annex (all floors) and paste into a new plan in the new orientation, otherwise I have to redraw everything.  



I'm using Chief X15.


Thank you!


Annex New Orientation.png

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edit->edit Area->Edit area (all floors)


select, and then rotate


although with two buildings, I would be inclined to make one a symbol and then put that in the other's plan.


I've never tried it, but there is also the reference plan, which can show both buildings side by side in 3D view

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