Stop Wall Breaks keep "healing"


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My plan looks like a box with a load bearing cross wall dividing the bedrooms at the rear and great room at the front roughly 1/3:2/3.

I want the load bearing Cross Wall to penetrate through the Side Walls to be flush with the exterior.

I set it to Through Wall at End/Start under Structure, but this is not enough.

If I Break the Side Walls at the Cross Walls, perfect, now my cross wall penetrates the side walls to flush with the exterior.

Then after some amount of time, the Side Walls "heal" and I'm back where I started.

I've noticed that unless there is something different between two co-lineal abutting walls, they seem to self heal.  

Is there a way to turn off this behavior? 

Is there something trivial I can make different between the two co-lineal abutting walls so they won't heal back together?


Perhaps related or not but another little problem,

My ceiling heights are different on either side of the cross wall (8' bedroom - 9' great room).

The height of my cross wall defaults to the 9'ceiling.

I want it to default to the height of the 8'ceiling.

The missing foot of wall will be provided by a wall one floor above ballooned through it's floor.

This works perfect and finds the 8' ceiling to stop at, 

but my Cross Wall is a foot to high, so the framing of each overlap.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Thank you Glen,


That's probably the correct way to do it.  I also found just creating a duplicate of the wall type with a slightly different name also seems to work. 

Clutters up the wall type list though.


Regarding the wall height issue, I found that the interior/exterior of a wall seems to set which room adjacent to the wall defines the wall height.

I've always kind of ignored interior/exterior for internal walls, as it didn't seem important, but with regard to dominant room height, this is apparently very important.

Rotating these walls 180 degrees fixed a lot of areas where wall height was problematic for me.

I must have missed this in my Chief Architect 101 class.  Hopefully this might help someone else who missed the same lesson.

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wall heights for flat ceilings are determined from the room specification ceiling height in the structure tab. If you are determining wall heights another way, you may have been pulling down or extending walls from 3d views...which for the vast majority of cases is not needed and should be avoided. You can reset walls' wall height by opening up the wall dialog and resettting the default height. if it is greyed out, it is already the default





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