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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,


Likely I have to use my topography lines and the property boundary to place the design back on the 20-acre lot as they want to evaluate it against an existing structure


I am hoping that someone may know just how to move an entire 3-story, custom framed plan to a site, or more likely, a 20-ac site with well, septic, propane, and a pole barn with driveway from the road to more than 1/3rd into the property to the house plan.


If I just have to rebuild the lot around the house, I have that suspicion. I have been setting all the elements I can think of to "Absolute" height as previous attempts have lost entire walls and partial roof areas that were custom framed and my Architectural Block columns showed up at a variety of heights.


Should anyone have some pointers, please offer them up.


Thank you,



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Open a 3d view of home.  Make sure to turn OFF terrain so just the house and foundation is shown.

Convert that into a symbol.


Next, build your site model and then set your home into said model.  Depending on the plan/foundation, sometimes I cut a hole in the terrain using a copy of the orignal home perimeter, but if not a basement, or you are only looking at views outside home, it should not matter.



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