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Hi Chief experts!  Can someone please help me with a strange issue that is coming up? When I try to make my deck railing into a cable style railing, it turns all the 8' sections of the rail 90 degrees so they are parallel with each other and not acting like a rail at all. I have used this tool before (cable rail) and it worked fine. I don't know if it happened after an upgrade or what but I cannot seem to get it to work now. 






 I have attached my file.... but please note: It is not complete, and it is now just for the exterior deck and kitchen pavilion. The roof on the house is not right but I do not need to fix as this is for concept pictures only. 

Can someone please see what is going on with the rails or tell me how to fix/do cable rails?


Thanks so much!

Davidson home V14 backyard V4.plan

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currently you have no rail spec'd in the Wall DBX ? ... and a strange moulding for the Top rail?


I turned Panel on , then made the panel "cable" from the library and the deck disappeared !  (weird),  had to turn auto deck framing back on to get the deck back but did not see your issue, cable rails look fine


you have some broken wall connections to fix too. different that what you saw...


what version are you using ?








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Thanks guys!  I think the strange top rail was just me trying anything I could to make the cable rail work and too much clicking through. Did not consciously choose that as top rail.

So it has to be a panel first, then switch to cable rail in library? OK, I will do that.


On the bad wall connections..... thanks for pointing them out. I knew they were there, but this was the (dodecagon) house remodel,  I learned Chief on and when I was doing the interior space planning, I didn't know how to fix this so I ignored it as it was not in a room I needed to show pics of. Now that I am doing the exterior deck and pavilion designs, it was not an issue.


I am using X6.


Thanks for your fixes. I really appreciate the speed at which you can get answers on this forum!



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I discovered the one on the outside of the Octagon is actually a tiny wall divider/invisible wall , about 9/16 x 2/12" , delete that by zooming in real close and the wall heels itself.  The other one on the right just needed to be pulled back and resnapped to go away.



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