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Created and modeled a 3D truss roof into a custom profile. Traced over the attached PDF and converted it into a 3D object.


What I can't figure out (in my small brain) is how to move the image so that it can be imported into the floor plan as a "flat roof"? Attaching a section of what it looks like, a Plan file, and Camera view of what it looks like currently. In Section view, it looks great. When you take a camera shot, it's 90 degrees vertical...? What is the procedure for creating this block as a flat image?


This is a tricky one




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The image of the sky is the Camera view looking at the model that I made. It's supposed to be flat with the flat portion facing up toward the sky. The way the block sits currently, is vertically-oriented.


The model that I traced over was the PDF section with the man standing. I traced over the outer portions of the truss-roof, and then converted it with "Convert to Polyline" tool as a slab. I gave it a 35' depth. I was trying to extrude the object, but it was converted to a vertical block, and I need it to be a flat block sitting on top of a wall (shown in PDF section).


All I'm trying to do is lay the block flat from its current vertical position.

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I drew the original shape in plan view but as it would be constructed from the top at a width of 1 1/2" or whatever the depth of the truss chords are-

Then I took an elevation view of that 3d solid a brought in a CAD detail of the truss shape you were after and used it to modify from that perspective.




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