Getting terrain interpolator is ignoring terrain breaks is there a way to fix? Started out of nowhere.


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I started getting the attached message for a while it was working and unfortunately didn't catch what started the cause of this to undo. 

All of my walls should be icf but there are a bunch of retaining walls. I tried changing from regions to lines but that did not fix and the slope wasn't reflective.

I tried to remove all elevation regions but the same message. Any idea what could be causing. I also am wondering if there is a way to slim the file down in size. It is about 14 mb which I don't know if that is a big file? 





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  • cbucks changed the title to Getting terrain interpolator is ignoring terrain breaks is there a way to fix? Started out of nowhere.

Looks like there are only a few walls on Floor 0 that AREN'T Terrain Retaining Walls. No wonder its struggling.

You've also got retaining walls between two regions both set to -11', and another between two -9' regions. neither of those will do anything.

And some inside that giant 0' region that also won't be doing anything. Bottom line is you're overloading it with either too much data or strange data.


Remember: Sometimes Less Is More.


I suspect this will take a bit of time to fix so I'm not going to go through and find exactly what needs to be done, but I suggest resetting the terrain and starting in slowly with the retaining walls. You can walk backwards from where you're at though, you shouldn't need to just scrap all the elevation data, though I would definitely rework some of it.


I'd start by group selecting all the walls on Floor 0 and unchecking Terrain Retaining Wall. Then open the Terrain Specification and uncheck Flatten Pad, this will reduce some of the more strange contours that generate around the walls.


Some of those regions could just be lines, btw. There's often no benefit in having a thin, long region. Convert those to lines to limit the number of elevation points you're feeding it. Then reintroduce retaining walls one by one. I've also had better luck in some situations with separate Terrain Break lines, rather than Retaining Walls.


Good luck.

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