Ray tracing on a Mac? It's coming!

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Beyond thrilled to learn this!!!!


(Excerpts from Tech Radar)

The most important thing to know about what Apple is doing with its A17 Pro chip is that the ray tracing hardware in it won't be limited to that chip.

With the Apple M3 chip due out next year, it will almost certainly have a ray tracing-capable GPU built in. This has a lot of potential, not just for the best Mac games, but also for all kinds of creative workloads the Mac brand has long been known for.

…..Apple's hardware is rock solid when it comes to the technical aspects, especially if it adds ray tracing into the mix. It's also the kind of hardware that would be much easier for game developers to optimize for, so it has a lot of things in its favor. As always with Apple, though, it remains to be seen if developers will start to bite on the hook Apple's throwing their way.


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