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Hello everyone,

I hope someone has had the same experience that I have been having. For starters let me say that I am working in X13. I have the X14 update downloaded and will be getting the X15, but my computer cannot handle these later versions. I am still trying to Render with the CPU. I am getting a lot of light bleeding into the rendering. The light is coming from nowhere. Mostly on rooms that have exterior walls, but the light is not coming through from non-connected walls or ceilings that I can see. Has anyone had this issue and if so, what was the solution (X13).


Todd B.

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Hello Todd,


Have you put on a roof as that may help with the light bleeding. I used to use CPU Raytracing before upgrading my computer anyway that should help by putting on a roof. That's what I did and that helped a little bit with light bleeding. Also have you let it render more that 100 passes? If I recall correctly you have to give it more time for the image to improve.


Please let me know if that helped you. Thanks. Also enjoy your long three day weekend. :-)



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