Quicker Way to switch between Countertop materials?


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Anyone have any experience in switching quickly between different countertop materials?


I am currently drilling down to change the default settings each time I want to view the design with a different countertop material, but it is a bit cumbersome.

Wondering if there is a quicker way?


Currently using 

>Default Settings >Cabinets >Base Cabinet > Base Cabinet Defaults > Materials > 

....and editing the backsplash & Coutnertop defaults, manually.  



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Just now, WoodGrain said:

Tons of countertop so the paint can is very slow going.

I will look into the Style Pallete(s) method Joe, thanks for the tip!



There are different painter modes, one of which is room based or plan based, meaning you can paint all matching materials in a room or plan with the material of your choice. f1 key to look up and understand painter modes

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