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Good afternoon,


I started using the ceiling soffit tool for the first time and have a few questions.




Is it only limited to simple box and corner shapes?  (I was a little surprised you cannot use the break tool and also boolean Add / subtract tools to create more complex soffits).


How do people create more complex ceiling soffits?


Thanks again,







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Cabinet soffits are pretty limited, but still useful.  One thing that they can do that other things can't is automatically match the slope of a vaulted ceiling.  They can also have moldings attached (but not when sloped!).


If you need more control over the shape, you could use a 3D solid.  If you only need to shape it in plan view but still need a molding, you could use a counter top.


Another thing you might want to look at is the "trey ceiling" tool.  Depending on what you are trying to do, this might do the job much better.


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14 hours ago, DBCooper said:

Cabinet soffits are pretty limited, but still useful.


Thanks DB.  I appreciate your quick response. 




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