Is there a way to split rafters that are longer than is physically available for purchase?


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I am creating a design for my home renovation and have a spot where I want to run a rafter over a load-bearing wall or beam. I figured the rafters would be split into two groups at this bearing point.


Is there a way to do this in Chief? I'm at the top version now: Architect Premier X14.


I've tried beams and fake walls but I can't seem to find anything to trigger a break point. It looks like for floor joists there are some options to this effect but I can't find anything for roofs/rafters.


I've attached my test project for this concept.



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@GeneDavis That's correct I just wanted them butted or sistered or whatever.


@joey_martin The bearing line isn't working for me, though it's entirely possible I'm doing something wrong. I tried adding the foundation to see if that would help but no luck.


Does Chief have any programming for breaking down larger lumber dimensions, or is it normally the case that an architect expects to hand-perform those when they occur? I can do that of course, but I prefer to automate things if possible. 


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It's not that intuitive, but you can set up your file using a framing defaults and wall specs, plus material list to do the "buy list" reporting, and get pieced framing like what one does at build time.  By that I mean mudsills, wall plates, and deck rims modeled and reported in the material list in your specified max lengths.


If for example you have set your wall plate max at 16 feet, the count is going to give you, for a 17 foot wall, one 16 foot piece, and one one foot piece, and it is tallying the one foot piece with other shorties from elsewhere in the build, to cut from 16 foot pieces.


What Chief does not do, but what a framer does, is cut the 16 footer back to the nearest stud or joist center, so the butt joint falls on a member.  Chief will put the joint wherever 16/0 falls.


As others have said here, there is no such way to piece rafters with a bearing line dialog, as there is for floors.  There is no way to specify a max length for fascia or subfascia or ridge members, either.  They will build at full length and report to the material list in lineal feet.

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Another glaring issue with Chief is something that I noticed in your image regarding how Chief still clips rafters wrong. Am hoping to find that they fixed this in x15 but haven't had a chance to check it yet.


I think that your issue regarding the requested rafter splicing option over a beam or bearing wall is an excellent and logical request. bb

Rafter Clipping Issue.png

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