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It thought it would be nice to create a central ongoing thread to share any materials you've created in Substance Player. Tile, wood, fabric, whatever.. I'm sure a lot of users could use and benefit from the multitude of materials that have been created since the release of SP. Once created for your use, it only takes a few seconds to export and upload here. Absolutely some will be better than others but that's with anything in life. Hopefully this is a good idea for all users at all levels.

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3 hours ago, SusanC said:

Don't give up just yet.


True , personally I missed the Original Post but currently am not a SP User , so can't share back  but Thanks for the Libraries.


* might be an Idea to add the Ver.  eg X14 , to the Files names, so future Users know what Version the .calibz Files were made in.


FYI SP1 and SP2 seem to be the same Library.....





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13 minutes ago, MBAmberleaf said:

Interestingly enough I came here searching the same issue. 

12 x 24 tiles do not represent well. I have tried so many ways. 

Today I downloaded Substance Player and made my own however you are not really choosing the size of the tile, just the ratio. 

So when I applied the Maps the size are smaller than the tiles on the floor. 

The grout is a light gray so its tough to see. 


Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 4.44.24 PM.png


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