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Can anyone give me a hint on how they would go about using CA functions to build a raised floor over an exiting carport.  The carport slab is 24 inches below the F.F.E of the house.  There is an enclosed shop at the other end of the carport (all of this is under the same roof). Its slab is 20" lower than the F.F.E.  The owner is wanting to build a raised crawlspace over the carport slab that will bring it up to the house level.  he is going to change this area to a master bedroom suite.  Thanks!

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This is what I ended up doing. 

1. I drew foundation for whole house as crawl space and built the floor framing.

2. selected the areas that were existing carport and shop and made those areas "floor suppled by room above, retain floor framing. also made them monolithic.

3. selected original part of house and made its floor "supplied by foundation room below". 

4. Rebuilt foundation as stem wall with the option "slab at top of wall" selected.  


This seemed to  work well enough for my purposes. 


image.thumb.png.1477cb1dcccfdb180a67e0fa545f75d3.png  image.thumb.png.8e8f23ddcfb89d4d4b36131de8f3f6b4.png


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15 hours ago, javatom said:

IRC code will require a crawl space of 18".  I don't think you have that much.


30 minutes ago, DRAWZILLA said:

Only if there is plumbing or some reason to go there.

Thanks guys.  I have given your feedback to the builder.  

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