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With the changes made in recent versions - including X12-X15 I've found it necessary to rewrite a lot of my macros.  I am not able to support previous versions.

I will a have a complete list of X15 certified macro packages available in a week or two.

This will include separate packages for the Layout and the Plan.  The new packages are very comprehensive, covering:

  • Project info
  • Consultant info
  • Site Analysis
  • Room Analysis and Labels
  • Opening Labels (Doors, Windows, Niches) based on view type
  • Wall Labeling based on View Type
  • Roof Labeling
  • Cabinet Labels
  • Framing Labels
  • Stair and Ramp Labels
  • Vent Labels & Area Calculations
  • Building Grids Labels

As soon as I have the detailed documentation and instructions ready I will post hers with prices and purchasing instructions.


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Good afternoon Joe and others;


I am trying to order your x15 macros but cannot locate the order information.  Please post or send to:  jmycue@gmail.com.  Thank you for you always quality work.

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Hi Joe,

First time posting so please forgive my ignorance.  I was also wondering about the status of your most recent x15 macro list?  I think I'd definitely be interested in some of them if possible please sir..

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I have all of my macro packages done but I still need to do the documentation.  I'm kind of swamped with projects right now but I'll try to get them all ready by the end of the month.

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