Wierd roof issue. Different heights


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I'm having an issue where the roof over my left wing won't mesh with the rest of the front roof.  I have two wings that stick out on either side and a porch in between.  The wings have a 4:1 roof and the porch is 2:1.  I've got the right side working although the gutters kind of overlap, but the left side is driving me nuts.  CA insists on putting it higher.  I've gone into all the walls and rooms and verified they all have the same settings, elevations, ceiling structure, finish, etc.   Finally while looking at a cross section, for some reason CA on the left side is inserting an extra 5 1/4" between the top of my ceiling and where the top of the wall and trusses would land.  I can't figure out where that 5 1/4 gray area you see in the left cross section is coming from.


So, then I tried just lowering the ceiling height of that left wing room to match and the whole model falls apart.  Then for some reason, the 2:1 porch roof shoots way out, like a 4' overhang.


Any ideas on what I might be missing on getting that right side to align better?







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set your overhang for both roofs then look at fascia height for the roof at the right height - open the roof dialog for low pitch roof lock the pitch and then change the fascia to what the other is

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Thanks I tried looking into what you suggested but didn't understand it.


I finally did figure out how to get the roof closer to what I wanted.  There is a another different pitched porch roof on the backside that you can't see in the image.  I changed that porch roof's pitch to match the pitch of the main roof in the image (the left side) and a few other tweaks and you can see I now have the fascia heights matching.  However, I've got that small part of the roof that sticks out past that wall and was trying to pull that back a little.


I tried changing the overhang of that one wall (red line) with the hope that it would shift that one ridge line to the left and thus starting the pitch down sooner to get that roof corner to line up with the wall corner.  CA does exactly what I expected, BUT,  it decided to raise the entire roof!!!  I don't get it.  Why is CA moving the entire roof up?




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14 minutes ago, pattyw said:

CA does exactly what I expected, BUT,  it decided to raise the entire roof!!!  I don't get it.  Why is CA moving the entire roof up?


If you moved just the fascia edge of the roof by selecting that edge and moving it, and didn't move the entire roof plane, that edge will follow the pitch of the roof- move in and it moves up, out and it moves down. If you want the fascia height to remain unchanged, move the entire roof plane then adjust the other edges back to where you need them.

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