Stone material hanging up on Raytrace (X6)


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This does not appear to be related to the stone materials.

I replaced all the stone materials I could find and reproduced the same problem.


My guess is there is something in the plan that is hanging up on caustics. You won't really see them in an outdoor scene anyway so no loss in quality if you turn them off for now.

I would do a backup entire plan and open a new support center ticket and include your system information as well.



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I will Kirk.  The reason I suggested it was the stone, is because I raytraced this project, then added the stone and had the issue.  On another plan, I was able to sub a different stone and get it to work.  The Caustics come up when you run the wizard on high quality outside, so I have always left them there.



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No worries. I have yet to reproduce any lock up using the default hight quality settings when using these materials except when I am in your plan. So the backup entire plan should ensure that we get all of the data in your file and the system info will help give us an idea of the environment we are dealing with.

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  • 2 months later...

I've not had any problem with a raytrace using stone.  I changed a grass texture to one I had found (seamless) and that seems to be the beginning of my problem. I didn't put two and two together until I read a few other posts. I have had to go into the settings and turn off caustics under photon mapping because the raytraces started hanging up at 91%.  Before I added that texture, I could run a raytrace with the above checked... I guess it was just to much to handle.



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