Portland OR area: Need tutor for HDP project


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    • By j2narchitecture
      My basement slab is not showing in the cross section nor the 3D overviews. 
      I have looked to see if I maybe have a layer turned off, but I do not see any.
      Link to plan is below.
      Any feedback is appreciated. 

    • By ChiefuserMathews
      Hello, I have attached my plan and the site picture from the backyard. Why is the brick veneer overlapping my basement window. What am I doing wrong? Site existing condition picture attached backyard

    • By scdesigns
      Hi CA Experts out there
      URGENT!  911
      Need immediate assistance.  I am looking for someone who is very proficient with CA.  I had created a modern style container home however, I am certain that there are certain aspects of my design which I am not using the correct method or technique to build my foundation, main floor and upper level.  I need someone who can work with me on-line to show me how to correct my mistakes and help set me back on path.  In addition, I also need someone who can guide me toward creating architectural drawings and Engineer plans for the house.
      Due to time constraint and urgency of this project, I am prepared to also hire a designer to help fix all my below list that are contained in my design.  This may lead into other future projects that I would like to pass on.    Please note that I am located in the city of Montreal (province of Quebec), CANADA therefore knowledge of our standard building code will be helpful, only if you are also offering services to prepare architectural and engineer plans.
      Here is a list of what needs done:

      - left corner of house (where large chandelier is located), floor to be same floor level as front entrance
      - interior front entrance hallway to be same level as exterior entrance
      - create necessary interior steps leading from entrance hallway to rest of main floor
      - rest of main floor to be elevated to accommodate basement level apartment unit and private cinema room - basement ceiling height 8 ft
      - Casino room to be sitting on ground level (ceiling height to be flushed with rest of main floor)- basement windows to be no higher than 22" high
      - Garage to be sitting on ground level- create exterior steps leading to front entrance door (no more than 2 steps plus upper landing
      - top roof (flat) of first floor needs to be created- main floor to upper floor stairs - I can't seem to figure out how to open the walls leads into the front entrance hallway
      - fix interior stairs leading to upper floor
      - need to create stairs leading to basement
      - need recessed spot lights along perimeter of the house (under exterior soffit) 
      - create custom hexagon wall tiles as shown in layout plan (see pagee K-4)
      - create architectural plans
      - create engineer plans
      NOTE:  Due to be size of the file, CA will not allow attachment to be sent.  Please send me your email address at awong@scdconstruction.com so I can forward you a copy for further review.
      URGENT NEED HELP FOR TOMORROW AFTERNOON.  I will be available at my computer by 3:30 pm (EPT)
    • By Daniel
      I am looing for a personal tutor for me I have the X7 version
    • By No1ZZTopfan
      A bit of an issue. I have two staircases. One from the basement to the first floor. Directly above are the other stairs which go from the first to the second floor. When I run "Auto Stairwell" on the basement stairs, the other stairs drop to the basement. I have never had this issue in any other versions. Why? (See attached screen shoot). Running CA12 on Win10Pro.
      Thanks in advance.