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Hello All,


Noob question: I am evaluating Chief, so I am kind of a beginner. I have set up a small and simple plan, but I am fighting with 3d view. If i turn Full camera on, the sun generates a green color, which I dont want. How can I get rid of this? Checked Defaults, both rendering and Camera Options, they are all set to white. Lumens lowered to 500, so the effect is close to what I want without the color added. Walls shoud be white in my plan. Problem only shows if I turn sunlight on.  Attached is a screenshot for a better view.


Thank you for your help in advance,




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See what happens if you remove the backdrop.  Maybe it is affecting the overall scene lighting.  Also, it helps to know what rendering technique you are using (pbr, standard, pbr with RTRT, CPU raytrace, ...).


There is a training video with some good info here:


There is also a blog article with some good tips and tricks here:


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