Glass cabinet door w/ wire mesh help


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1 hour ago, M-Ferioli said:

Is there a good way to do this that will also be dynamic and hold scale with door size changes?  

I would think this would have to be a material with transparency - kinda like the "screen" material



*Edit: Yeah, that! ^

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Thanks for the help!  I was not aware of that material.  It is a pretty thick metal though, not exactly the look I want, but it might be good enough for now.  Seems like a difficult material to make for those of us not expert in that area.


I have been asked to delete this post since I guess it is the wrong forum, I thought material related questions would go here, my mistake.  Is there a way to move it with the replies?  or just delete it?



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15 hours ago, M-Ferioli said:

Seems like a difficult material to make for those of us not expert in that area.

A bit tricky yes. First issue is that if you just use that material on a panel it will use it on both sides of the panel.

Solution for that is to make a panel with different materials on each side. Look at the solids going from left to right in this plan.

As to making a thin glass mesh-On the outside of the building you will find a camera and a solid. This was used to generate an image, exported as PNG (no backdrop). Then converted to a material. Have to adjust the material to get the mesh size.

Then apply that material to only one side of an exploded solid. Convert to a cabinet door.
Place in cabinet (W24361) look at all the DBX tabs. Convert that cabinet to a cabinet door symbol.

There ya go.

Was fun :))

Plan with parts and new symbols attached as well as library with material (and image just in case?)

Note if there is a problem with the mesh in the middle open dbx, select material, change y offset to 0 if it is not already.


Thin Screen 2.png

Thin embedded screen cabinet Thin Screen.calibz

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This sounds like a really good idea, the image looks nice!  I am looking forward to digging into this later.  Sometimes my brain loses the ability to think outside the box.


Thank you for your time on this, I'll let you know how I make out.  I really don't think I should delete this post now.  Maybe a Moderator can move it if they are so inclined?  

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@MarkMc This worked really well for what I needed, thank you!  I did not realize a solid could be exploded to allow for material painting on one surface only, I just haven't used chief for too many custom pieces since I'm used to SketchUp.  I ended up making a panel, positioning it into a custom door frame, then converting it a door symbol for use in the job.


I used a different wire mesh, a more rectangle shaped one that more closely matched what the client was looking for.  It was the square mesh found in my bonus catalog.  


Any idea how to make wire materials like that, ones that have no background between the mesh and scale infinitely?  I assume that takes skill in another program.


Any idea where to find more pre-made wire pattern materials like that?  I'd like to build a library of different wire panels I can pull from when needed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's how I do it.....


I make a fixed glass window, remove jamb, casing, sash, frame, sill, everything until there is just a piece of glass. 

I use the lites tool in the window DBX set to diamond. I then add lets say 20 vertical and 20 horizontal and set the muntions to 1/8"

Change the muntions to chrome

Once thats done convert your piece of glass window to a symbol, Place that object in front of the cabinet adjust your size as needed to be slightly bigger than the door center panel.


Then once the density and the size is roughly what you want for whatever cabinet you're using it on convert it to a symbol and set thickness to 1/4". I used Fixture/Interior for category. 


From there go to the cabinet you want to apply it to, set the center panel or glass to opening (no material)

And then open the cabinet and apply the symbol as a door back insert in the cabinet accessory/appliance part of the DBX for that specific door. 


Not sure that's the easiest or quickest way but it works great.


If anyone knows how to get the lites on just one side of the glass let me know, doesn't matter much once the object it set to 1/4"D but when its a window you have big gaps between the lites and glass, as well as lites on both sides. Ideally I'd like to have a window that I could reuse as a template but I'm still playing around with it.



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