Chief Architect Software Licensing Changes Beginning January 10, 2023


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9 hours ago, DBCooper said:


A pencil and some paper. 


But seriously, if you have better tools available, why wouldn't you want to use them?  The new features don't just make the job faster, they allow us to do things that you would have never done back in the "old days".  I mean who would have ever created a framing overview when drawing by hand?  The fact that most people have software tools now that can do so much more has changed the world so that now these things are requirements, not just pretty pictures. 


Not that I have anything against pretty pictures because these can make a huge difference between getting a job or not getting a job just because your competition spent all of 2 minutes making one.


I think it's pretty obvious that Chief has already made up its mind.  I wouldn't expect them to change back unless they saw a significant decrease in income.  I plan on sticking with Chief but if you think there is a better tool available (not just cheaper, better), then by all means you should jump ship.  Best of luck.


This is turning into a zombie thread.  It just won't die.  


Chief made a colossal marketing mistake, IMHO. Purposefully released when it was the busiest time of year. When licenses have to be renewed, continuing education completed, and shopping for holidays. Tricks are never well received, especially when they affect the bank account. I would lose clients if I were to pull tricks and deceptive notice practices with my hard earned good will. Word would travel fast if I did anything perceived as untoward and unfair. Bad news travels fast, hard feelings run deep. Chief made their decision and so have I and others I know. Best to all. 

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