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Hi , I have searched everywhere about this topic and have read that the materials list does not update after making modifications to plans? 


Is this true ? I noticed this after creating a materials list and I entered all pricing values etc, and then I made some changes on the plans (such as bumping out a wall, swapping materials or just adding/deleting fixtures or components and nothing updated .


I hope it is my error and lack of knowledge rather than a shortcoming of CA! 

any ideas how to fix this so that all the data values  that I entered in the list remain and reflect the modifications made in the plan?



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Once generated, Materials Lists are static.  They are NOT connected to the plan anymore.  If you make changes to the plan and then want to see a Materials List that reflects those changes, then you have to generate a new Materials List.


Now if you want to keep from entering things like pricing information all over again, then you need to add the information via the Components Panel of your various objects (preferably at the Default level) and/or by utilizing the Master List (which you’ll just have to read up on).  

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13 hours ago, develospec9 said:

I have been trying to find the components section for objects and materials

There is a Components Tab for objects only, not for materials. Simply double click on almost any object and review the tabs on the left side of the dialog.


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On 11/24/2022 at 11:43 AM, develospec9 said:

I noticed this after creating a materials list and I entered all pricing values etc, and then I made some changes on the plans (such as bumping out a wall, swapping materials or just adding/deleting fixtures or components and nothing updated


In addition to what has been suggested, once you enter all of your data into the Material List, you can hit the Select All button and then the Update TO Master List (see pics). This will save all of the data you've entered into your Material List for updating to future material lists.






Then when you generate a new Material List, once again hit the Select All button, then hit Update FROM Master List (the button left of Update TO Master List), and this will populate all your custom data into the fields.


The Master List is program-wide and your data will be stored and available in all plans.


Side note; for dimensional lumber you'll probably want to use Buy List for calculating costs, which pulls from your Saved Structural Member Reporting Defaults, and which can also contain pricing for individual lumber items that will then automatically populate into the material list.



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