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See attached.

I like what I see. Neat stuff.

I would like some feedback on those that do create stuff like this and bring it into Chief.

Whether it is grass, brick, wood siding, tile, etc. etc.

I have seen videos from software like "Blender", " CrazyBump", "Genetica"

Big learning curves, especially when you don't know the "lingo".

I am, however, hearing over and over again the talk of "maps", normal, specular, displacement, (can't think of the rest right now) and I believe these are used in layers to achieve the final product.

A lot of adjustments available to the user, but for the beginner, a bit overwhelming!


Can someone who uses this stuff put together a simple example of how you create say something like brick or wood siding (or something) and then actually apply it to the coordinating object (wall or floor say) in Chief.




Can Chief already do this?


Thanks in advance


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Chief is limited - it allows diffuse maps and height maps (for bump/shadow) only. More advanced tools may be nice, but I suspect that most users wouldn't have the time to dedicate to learning and using them to their full potential; and even with advanced mapping tools Chief would still be limited without better UV, lighting and environment tools. Chief is not a rendering/raytrace program - it's an architecture program that can do some basic render/raytracing.

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That was my next concern, spend all this time creating these very real looking textures only not to see it reflected in a CA Ray Trace.

In my quest, however, I did stumble across a free website "". There are a lot, probably a thousand plus textures to choose from.

I have tinkered with Genetica 4.0, great for taking the above images and making them seamless.

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The diffuse maps available from sites like CGTextures is a good place to start. Genetica is powerful, but expensive and can be difficult to master. Regardless, to make a high quality texture you need more than what Chief offers; but, for what most users need, Chief's abilities are satisfactory. I'd prefer to see Chief improve it's lighting tools before working on additional texture map features.

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