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So, I am in the process of revising a set of layout Pages for a client. I have created and saved 6 different plan views, which all have individual properties to highlight different floors, layers, dimensions, etc...


The problem I am having, is when I update one saved plan view, it also effects any other plan view associated with the same floor. This means my First Floor Subfloor plan view is stuck showing all the dimensions and text on my First Floor Floor plan view. I cannot change one without it effecting the other, even thought they are linked to totally different plans views.


I have confirmed correct plan view links, I have tried re-linking, I have tried un-linking, I have tried deleting the associated plan views and creating new ones. Nothing I do seems to fix the issue.


Please help, I need to figure this out so I can efficiently edit different plan views during the layout page creation process.


Thanks in advance



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If you have two layout boxes linked to different saved plan views (which is good), and they are both showing the same things, then my guess is that the saved plan views are using the same layer sets


Just make a different layer set for each of the saved plan views.  That way you can control what displays in one so it is different then the other.


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1 hour ago, KacyRSC said:

Please help, I need to figure this out so I can efficiently edit different plan views during the layout page creation process.

To be sure, each saved plan view should have its own unique, layer set, default set, and cad layer and be sure to check “never save”.


And by unique default set, I mean you should have unique dimensions, text and maybe even arrows with their own layers that are unique to that saved plan view. So, if my saved plan view is called “electrical 1/8” then everything up and down should have that name for all the various layers, dims and defaults to avoid cross contamination. 

I really wish this was simply automatic every time you create a new saved plan view. It should be unique in every way. 
I realize it would limit the power users who really know how to share layers and dimensions defaults across multiple plan views but for the rest of us it’s chaos sometimes. 


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EDIT: It took me 10 minutes to actually figure this out because of the new concept, but Michaels tip was spot on.


Answer - In order to have multiple saved plan views associated with the same floor (eg. Foundation floor plan + first floor subfloor) you actually need to not only create a unique layer set for each, but you also need to create a new unique dimensions default in the Default Settings>Dimensions>Saved Dimensions Defaults DBX.


After that, you need to Edit selected plan view, click selected defaults, and choose the new dimensions default you just created. You can do the same thing with Text if needed.


For newer users (6 months) this is a very complicated multistep process that I wish was easier. Creating a new saved plan view should by default separate its properties automatically.




Michael, I haven't tried your tip, but I think you just solved my problem. I did not know that each saved plan view needed its own unique default set of layer display properties. 


It is chaos indeed! The frustration today had been never-ending while simply trying to create 2 different saved plan views that don't interact with one another.


Thank you so much for your enlightening tip.




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