Making A Simple 4'x8' Sign


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I have been using HD Pro on and off for years, but upgraded to X14 this year.  I used HD Pro infrequently enough to basically have to relearn it every time I go to use it.


I've made a simple 4'x8' sign in the past using HD Pro.  I swear I just imported a logo as an image into the User Catalog and then selected that image as the material for the sign and it worked fine. 


Trying to do this again now that I've upgraded to X14 I'm having no luck at all.  I can import the logos I want to use on the signs just fine and when I have the Library Browser open I can see them all down in the User Catalog.  However, when I open up the item that I want to apply the logo to and then browse through the Library Browser to the User Catalog there is nothing in the User Catalog for me to choose from.


I think in the past I made my signs out of Closed Boxes from the library catalog, but I wasn't able to apply an image to those boxes, so I then tried creating the sign out of a 3D solid, which didn't work either.


I'm sure there is something simple I'm missing here, so I hope this is an easy one for you experts to help me out on.



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You import the data that is to be ON the sign as a "Custom Material". When properly imported it will be visible in your User Library area. You then open the "sign" object and apply the custom material set to "Stretch to fit" so it displays only once and not multiple times. If done properly it works every time in Chief or Home Designer.



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