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The HD2000 graphics is really old and really slow.


While we may be able to get it to work, I would suggest considering something a lot more modern. Older hardware like that will almost certainly become obsolete in a few years. It is certainly not the best fit for Chief.

Thoughts on the Quadro 410 video card?

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You don't need ,nor does Chief even Recommend Quadro cards Abe, any good gaming card your motherboard can handle will work , you can get cheap Nvidia cards for under a $100 , sometimes well under, so it depends on your budget and what the MB PCIE slot can handle voltage wise but a cheap card like the 630 or 730 is enough ,if budget and motherboard allow a 660 is still a decent card.


the better the NV Card the more likely it will need extra power plugs from the power supply too , which maybe a factor , ie you PS may not have them.?



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The Quadro 410 is overpriced and slow.


Look here.


Quadro is a branding that has been associated with high performance CAD specific video cards. Generally they have the characteristic of being more expensive compared to gaming cards with similar and often better performance.


Go here and scroll down the list. Looking for Quadro cards. Find one. Go over to the price and move up the list and you will generally find a faster card for a lot less money.


Currently the list shows a Quadro K6000 for $4100, but the best performer is a GeForce GTX 980 for $420.


I don't have anything against Quadro cards. They are designed for certain types of applicaions.


Chief doesn't take advantage of any of the expensive features on these cards that would give them an advantage over a gaming card.


One of the beliefs is that these cards have better "certified" drivers. But in our experience we have seen as many severe driver problems on Quadro cards as gaming cards. Plus the drivers on gaming cards tend to get fixed faster than the drivers on Quadro cards. Probably because there are so many more of them on the market that the issues get reported more often on gaming cards.


We like to take advantage of the lower cost gaming cards because internally the Quadro vs. GeForce cards are using more or less the same hardware. There is the possibility that there is a lower mean time between failures on Quadro cards, but at 1/10th price you can keep a couple of spares around and still save money.


It is unclear to me what you get for your money with a Quadro.

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The Quadro 410 is overpriced and slow......

.....It is unclear to me what you get for your money with a Quadro.


I think this is another case where what you get is "hosed".  ;)


BTW, I speak from experience here. I originally built my

workstation with a Quadro 4000 video card because at the

time it was one of the preferred cards for running SolidWorks.

After I started using Chief all everybody was talking about

were NVidia gaming cards. For a long time I pooh-poohed

the notion that the NVidia cards were that much better than

my Quadro until Doug posted the website with the benchmark

information. After I upgraded my card to the GTX 780 Ti I was

blown away by the improved performance in Chief. And the

real kicker is that I haven't noticed any appreciable difference

in how SolidWorks performs, granted I am only using a small

percentage of that software's capabilities.

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A Quadro card will work but as Doug states in post #28 you will pay a high premium for features that Chief cannot take advantage of. Quadro cards are designed specifically for specialized engineering applications. They do not require shading & texturing. Gaming cards on the other hand are designed to be as efficient as possible to deal with this at as high a frame rate as possible. Chief users need this when panning with camera views with shadows, textures and smoothing turned on.


The high price of the Quadro cards has little to do with the hardware and more to do with the specialized market they serve. Gaming cards are at a much lower price point due to the a the large & highly competitive market with gamers.



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Abe those look like Lenovo graphics cards , you shouldn't be limited to what they are offering only, any good computer shop should be able to guide you to a good gaming card , but the 510 looks to be the best of those 4 , though I'm surprised you can't find something faster , an old GTX8800 I have runs about the same but the 510 is less power hungry which is good with your power supply.[]=2195&cmp[]=2228&cmp[]=119



looks like you will need displayport cables with that card and perhaps an adaptor if you monitor doesn't have displayport or mini displayport too

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I used Quadro (and still get them for some computers) for a long time.  I recently switched to a gaming card just because everyone was saying how much better they are.


I've found that the Quadros are more stable on Chief than the gaming cards.  You can buy one of the less expensive ones that has less memory and they run Chief just as well as the high end gaming cards.


Just my thoughts...

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We just released an update with fix that should resolve the issue some of you are seeing on certain video cards.


Go to Help>Download Program Updates to get the new patch.


Once you have it installed let us know if it fixed the issue or not.



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m version NVidia chips are hard mounted on the motherboard.  Not something that can be "Dropped in".  The system(s) Abe is talking about are more corporate imaging workstations and not content creation systems.  While the NVS series cards can run certain graphics software, they're designed for processing scanned documents and OCR calculations.  Or, if paired with a GPU card, medical imaging.  Get the right tool for the right job.



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True enough , the 730 he was looking at will do the job and the extra ram should help too, but should make a noticeable difference even to that computer , on the other hand after 5 yrs perhaps its time for a new computer ? you know you deserve it Abe :)

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you dont need a "workstation" for Chief Abe , just so you know , any good (gaming) computer will do it fine, its what most run, though you may have other software that needs a CAD workstation too??? if doing engineering or similar too ?  with the budget of a Workstation , you would get one top notch gaming computer for sure though.



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I am having a problem with generating  cad elevations  in X-5...

It will  either crash my computer or generate slowly only to finish with lines missing...

I get an error code 

Final renders come out bad as well and take forever..Never had this problem in #11

Could it be my graphics card or another chief glitch Thanx

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