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With a little outside of the box thinking, yes, but it would not work in a walkthrough. Duplicate the surface, paint them separate materials, and place them on separate layers. Create 2 layer sets so you can choose which one will appear in a particular view.

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15 hours ago, glennw said:

Yes, this can be done - depending on the circumstances.

Do you want this as a window, a panel in a wall, a free standing screen......?

This looks perfect. Amazing.


I'm having trouble reproducing it. Can you (or Rob) provide the steps?

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4 hours ago, robdyck said:

Please post a screenshot of the portion of your plan and indicate what type of object you're using for the one-way mirror.

Thanks for replying. This is a proof of concept at this stage so no plan exactly to share. Ultimately it's for a shower wall on an open concept bathroom.


I've tried windows, several of the stock mirrors, as well as a 3D object changing the material to (stock) glass. What kind of object are you using?

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This may explain a little more.

I used the 1800 Bathroom Mirror from the library and changed the mirror material to Mirror and the frame to Color - Burnt so that I could figure out what was going on.  

I don't know where some of the materials are used.

You may have to play around to get the correct component to assign the materials too as they auto arrange in alphabetical order.

There are some screwy things going on, but generally this works.


Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 10.16.33 am.jpg

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Thanks Glenn. I was unable to find the 1800mm Bathroom Mirror that you used, either in the X14 core library or among the bonus catalogs. I tried a number of bonus catalogs, anything with mirrors or bathroom items. However since you and Robert succeeded with different looking frames, this encouraged me to experiment with a few I had access to, and eventually I found one that I was able to reproduce your results!


The one I ended up having success with was 'Beaded Frame' under 'Mirrors and Frames' in the core library. This is a picture frame, and all I needed to do was change the material for 'Picture' to 'Mirror' (under Glass and Glazing > Mirror)


Thanks for finding this anomaly... that works!

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